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          Dalian Bihai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in research, development, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, after-sales service and technical consultation for environmental protection and gas/fume scrubbing.


           Baking furnace fume treatment system

          1. System Introduction

          The baking furnace fume treatment system is specially designed for the prebaking of anode or cathode in smelter. We developed this new system on the basis of advanced technology both in home and abroad and referring to technology adopted in the same industry as well as practical experience from users. This system is mainly used for collecting the tar drops in the fume with over 99% of efficiency.

          The system mainly consists of the inlet flue fire resistant system, dust pretreatment system, pre-spraying system, pervaporation spraying cooling system, electric tar precipitator, fire extinguishing system, DC high voltage power supply system, electrical instrument device etc.

          2. Characteristics

          The baking furnace fume treatment system is equipped with pervaporation automatic spraying cooling device for the strict controlling on the electrical filed fume temperature. The anode plate adopts electric scraper forced ash removal method, which thoroughly solves the ash deposition problem in anode plate and refrains from forming electrical field block due to over-thick of ash deposition in anode plate. The cathode is equipped with vibration device for cleaning the ash deposition in electrode wire and eliminating the back corona. The flue is equipped with automatic fire extinguishing device for extinguishing the fire from the trench and fume. The advanced electric tar precipitator technology used in this system ensures a smooth, reliable and efficient operation and it has a good future in high temperature fume treatment field.

          (Sketch of Spray Valve Frame)


          3. Work Flow


          The baking furnace fume goes through underground flue into preprocessor which is a primary treatment system and it separates the large ash particles from the fume at first. Then the fume goes into the pervaporation spraying cooling device which can cool and tempering the fume temperature at 90±5 for avoiding the fume with too high temperature enters the electric tar precipitator so that the security of the whole system operation can be ensured. After being cooled, the fume is treated in the electric tar precipitator and then goes through flue and fan into the stack and finally is exhausted into air. The bypass flue equipped in the whole system can be opened when the equipment is under maintenance or there is fire in electric tar precipitator and preprocessor, which ensures the maintenance and overhaul of the equipment without affecting the normal operation in baking furnace.


          4. Working Environment


          Service Temperature: Local natural environment

          Operation Condition: fume temperature 90~250

          transient temperature 300

          Power supply Condition: AC 50Hz ± 2% 380/220 ± 10% (three-phase four-wire)

          Water supply Condition: water temperature 35 , normal pressure, PH7~8

          Compressed air: pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa, clean, dry and oilless air


          5. System Composition


          5.1 Inlet flue fire extinguishing system

          The inlet of the system is equipped with fire resistant device and extinguishing system, mainly including fire arrester, spark sensor, open fire sensor, quick temperature sensor and tar concentration sensor for eliminating the open fire.

          5.2 Dust preprocessor system

          Dust preprocessor system is mainly used for primary treatment and separating the large ash particles from the anode baking furnace fume. It is installed with open fire detection and extinguishing device, which reduces the work load of the electric tar precipitator.

          5.3 Pervaporation spraying cooling system

          The fundamental function of this system is to automatically adjust water quantity from the spray gun as per variation of fume temperature so that the fume temperature at the outlet of the cooling tower can be controlled within 90±5 .

          Electric tar precipitator

          In order to collect tar dust in fume, the electric tar precipitator is installed with fire extinguishing device inside which can be started automatically if detected the fume temperature is continuously over 120 or there is continuous open fire inside. Static treatment method is adopted for collecting the tar dust with the support from discharge electrode and precipitating electrode systems. The electrode plate is equipped with electric scraper. It will get started and begin to clean the electrode plate when the dust and tar deposition on the surface of electrode reaches a certain amount.