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          Dalian Bihai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in research, development, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, after-sales service and technical consultation for environmental protection and gas/fume scrubbing.


          Pneumatic dedusting system

          1.   System Introduction

          The pneumatic dedusting system is a current conveying method widely used in powdery materials conveying system on power industry, chemical industry, building materials industry, steel industry, food industry, etc. It enjoys the advantages of simple equipment, flexible duct configuration, safe and helpful to environmental protection, and high energy saving efficiency, etc. While in the past use of the device, most plants mainly adopt dilute phase suspending flow conveying method. Such method has striking limitation as high energy consumption, low conveying efficiency and serious wear etc. Therefore, it is quite necessary to develop dense phase pneumatic conveying device of low speed, high efficiency and reliable stability. We hence researched and developed the energy-saving pneumatic conveying system, which made a breakthrough in the limitation on conveying distance, density, efficiency, wear and energy consumption for the similar domestic positive pressure pneumatic dedusting system in other forms. The system can be widely applied to power industry, chemical industry, building materials industry, steel industry and food industry etc. for powdery materials conveying.


          2. Technical Characters of turbulence double-pipe pneumatic dedusting system

           2.1 High adaptability and reliability:

          The unique working principle of turbulence double-pipe pneumatic conveying system ensures a rare blockage inside the dedusting system pipe. Even if there`s short time operation stop, when the system get started again the pipe can be unblocked quickly. Thus the reliability and safety of dedusting system can be guaranteed. It is this character that also determines a larger application scope especially for powdery materials conveying such as lime powder and bauxite etc. which is difficult to convey. The system has more advantages compared with other dedusting systems. It is of gentle conveying pressure change, minor air supply volume fluctuation of air compressor and relatively stable operation, which improves the working condition of dedusting air compressor and prolongs the equipment life-span. Of which the performance is better than that of common pneumatic dedusting system with single pipe.

          2.2 Low flow velocity and wear ratio

          The initial flow velocity of ash and air mixture within the dedusting pipe of turbulence double-pipe system is 2-6m/s, the terminal velocity is about 15m/s, and the average velocity is 10m/s. While in dilute phase dedusting system, the corresponding velocities are 10m/s, 30m/s, and 20m/s. The wearing capacity is in direct proportion to cube to 4th power of conveying velocity which indicates that the wearing capacity in turbulence double-pipe dedusting system is 1/8-1/16 of that in dilute phase dedusting system. That is to say the service life of dedusting pipe in turbulence double-pipe system is 8-16 times of that in dilute phase dedusting system.


          Sketch of dome valve)                                 (Sketch of discharge valve)


          2.3 Less investment and low energy consumption

          Because the ash and air mixture in this turbulence double-pipe dedusting system is of slow flow velocity and low wear ratio, it's unnecessary to use wear resistant material and thick wall pipe so that the investment and maintenance costs on dedusting pipe can be greatly reduced. Meanwhile, the corresponding air consumption is also reduced because of the high conveying concentration, so does the filtration area of bag filter on the silo, the investment on equipment, the corresponding equipment match power and the energy consumption. Years of practical operation proves that its power consumption is lower than that of dilute phase dedusting system by 30%-50%. 


          2.4 Strong conveying power and long conveying distance

          Generally, the concentration will reduce as the increase of the conveying distance, so does the system conveying power. However, the conveying power in turbulence double-pipe system can reach to 100t/h above and the conveying distance is 1500m above (3000m for special requirement) which seems difficult to be achieved by using other systems.


          2.5 Several feeding tanks can convey the materials at the same time

          It is capable of connecting several feeding tanks in series to one conveying pipe for simultaneous operation and realizing centralized control which makes the system simpler, more flexible and convenient.


          3. Composition of the pneumatic conveying system

          The pneumatic conveying system mainly consists of electric precipitation down conveying system, plant area conveying system, ash silo system, gasification system and control system.
          Main components

          The main components of pneumatic conveying system are: ash discharge flashboard valve, expansion joint, pneumatic dome valve, feeding tank, flashboard discharge valve, conveying pipe, air-supplement ring, wear resistant elbow, vehicle bulk loader, double-axles mixer, gasification device, vacuum pressure relief valve, tee shunt valve, ash silo feeder, and dust collector on the silo etc.