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          Dalian Bihai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in research, development, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, after-sales service and technical consultation for environmental protection and gas/fume scrubbing.


          Dense phase conveying system

          1. System Introduction

          Our positive pressure dense phase conveying system is well accepted by many customers for its characteristics of simple structure, flexible placement, reliable operation, high automation, less investment, high conveying ash-air ratio, slow flow speed, less maintenance, low annual operation cost and etc.


          2. Working Principle

          The dense phase conveying system combines jet and fluidization technology and it is mainly used for conveying of powdery materials. After the materials enter the pump and go through the aerification pipe, they will successfully go into the mixing chamber in a state of fluidization. Meanwhile, high pressure air is jetted out from the nozzle at a high speed and thoroughly mixed with fluidized materials. The speedy airflow carries with materials going through the conveying pipe so that materials conveying can be done. When materials via shut-off valve and bell jar valve enter the storage tank, the output pneumatic ball valve is shut off while the exhaust valve is turned on. When the materials level inside the storage tank reaches the set value (controlled by level sensor), the materials shut-off valve and exhaust valve are shut off, successively the bell jar valve is shut off in a few seconds. At this time the inlet valve (pressurized valve) on the storage tank is turned on to inflate and pressurize the storage tank. When the pressure inside storage tank reaches the set value, the output pneumatic ball valve and the blow assisting valve that installed on the nozzle will open at the same time. Then materials enter the silo via conveying pipe at a faster rate under the action of aerodynamics. The conveying pipe is a turbulence double-pipe with its feature of forming some scattered material flows within the pipe, which can avoid the material blockage. When all the material inside the storage tank is emptied out, the system will automatically return to the starting state.

             (Sketch of material shut-off valve)                                        (Sketch of bell jar valve)


          3. Composition

          The alumina dense phase conveying system mainly consists of materials shutoff valve, expansion joint, bell jar valve, pressure vessel, air tank, exhaust valve, output pneumatic ball valve, outlet cone, nozzle, blow assisting valve, reducing valve, conveying pipe, diverter, pressure transmitter, level sensor and PLC controlling system, etc.


          4. Characteristics

          Our dense phase conveying system adopts advanced domestic technology. The conveying tank system adopts PLC which can realize full automatic control and can also achieve local control and centralized control. The upper computer carries out an overall monitoring. The conveying pipe adopts the turbulence double-pipe which has the advantage of conveying materials smoothly without blockage. Dense phase pipe is composed of outer pipe which is the main conveying pipe and the inner pipe which is mainly used for adjusting the compressed air. There are scallop holes evenly distributed on the inner pipe so that air can be blown out from the scallop holes and the materials will be divided into several segments in a columnar distribution which can fairly ensure a smooth conveying without blockage. The system has a lower damage ratio which makes a breakthrough in the limitation on the conveying distance and density for the similar domestic positive pressure dense phase conveying in other forms. It is characterized by simple air supply equipment, high conveying density, low conveying speed, little pipe wear, long conveying distance, less investment & operation cost, simple operation & maintenance with certain reliability, etc.

          We can satisfy various requirements from customers by making special design on conveying distance and speed.


                    (Sketch of Nozzle)                                    (Sketch of Conveying Tank)